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Last Pendragons: Book I - The Eyes of Logres
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Nineteen-year-old Rad is kidnapped from a deserted California beach by a strange, dark creature. With no memory of this abduction, Rad awakens in a lavish, baroque villa on a Mediterranean island. There Rita Smithson and Dr. Francis Anatoli, colleagues of his recently deceased father, explain that Rad was raised without a knowledge of his origins to protect him from forces bent on destroying his family because of its genetic predisposition to psychic powers such as telekinesis and remote viewing. With the encouragement of the maiden aunt who raised him, Rad agrees to continue his father's paranormal experiments at the research compound on the island. All the while, a mysterious group in England monitors his movements. Rad becomes romantically involved with Rita and, after several weeks, experiences a psychic breakthrough that astonishes his mentors. Rita and Dr. Anatoli then present Rad with a green crystal in which he alone can witness any historical event he chooses and through which he is able to quickly master other languages. Eventually, he is told that this first crystal has a mate that can show Rad events of the near future. He is asked to use the first crystal to find the hiding place of the second. What Rad is not told is that with both crystals in hand even someone without Rad's genetic gifts may access and control events past, present, and future. Seeking the second stone, Rad inadvertently witnesses the murder of his friend and valet. Terrified, he steals the crystal and flees. With no clear plan, he stumbles upon some young tourists, Maren O'Neill and her brother Fitzwilliam. Rad convinces them of his plight and with their help makes his way to England and the convent of St. Anne's, which rests on the ruins of Logres, the spiritual heart of the British Isles, the home of the oracular crystals. In England Rad learns how his life has been spared from premature involvement in a centuries-old war between good and evil and of the role the parents he never knew played in that conflict. Rad also learns his true identity, its connection to king Arthur, and the role he is asked to play. Coming to terms with his fears, he engages enemies mortal, demonic, and alien to discover the meaning and destiny of the eyes of Logres.

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